Regression Therapy – training details

The training program is recognized by Earth Association for Regression Therapy (EARTh) and the diploma will enable each student to apply for professional or certified membership. Here you can find the list with all the EARTh recognized training programs.

  • Location: for now this training is located in Bucharest, but in the it future could be available in other main cities of Romania.
  • Language of training: mainly Romanian. Once a year a 4 day workshop will be taught in English by a foreign EARTh accredited trainer (professional translation will be available).
  • Trainer: Victor Chirea, Certified Regression Therapist (CRT) as an EARTh member and Psychotherapist in Gestalt Therapy as a Romanian College of Psychotherapy member.
  • Who can apply: qualified professionals and therapists (psychologists, doctors); applicants that are not qualified therapists must demonstrate maturity, have a good psycho-emotional health, internal condition to become a future regression therapist and also the ability to enter regression state as a client.

The program combines 3 main directions:

  1. Evadio school which the trainer graduated under the supervision of Marianne Carolus. Part of the structure of the Evadio training and the Evadio Manual are used in the present school, with Marianne’s Carolus approval.
  2. Tasso International Institute – including the manual written by Hans TenDam (Deep Healing and Transformation) and Marion Boon’s professional guidance (teaching and therapy).
  3. Trainer’s professional background and training – psychotherapy (Gestalt Therapy), M.A. in Clinical Psychology, NLP, Transpersonal Psychology, Timeline Healing Technique,  Complementary Therapies, Quantum Physics and others.

The Program
The training duration is 3 years and it consists of two day (one week-end) workshops, usually once a month. Once a year we will provide a 4 day workshop with a foreign trainer. In total there are 58 days (464 hours) of tutor-faced Regression Therapy training and group supervision. The workshops are structured to include the following elements: theory, demo sessions, group sessions, students practice under supervision and feedback, sharing and group process.
Each student will benefit from personal therapy and self development (individually and in group – minimum 100 hours) and personal supervision (individually and in group – minimum 100 hours).

1’st year

  • Workshop 1 – Introduction to Regression Therapy. Basic principles. The therapeutic relationship.
  • Workshop 2 – The basic structure of a session. Conducting the interview. Induction methods.
  • Workshop 3 – Processing the trauma in Regression Therapy. Associative methods.
  • Workshop 4 – Processing the death moment and working in Souls World.
  • Workshop 5 – Releasing energetic attachments in Regression Therapy: spirit releasement, basic inner child work and family karma, mental clustering, soul retrievals, dissociative methods (4 day workshop with a foreign trainer).
  • Workshop 6 – Practice and integration of the first 4 workshops.
  • Workshop 7 – Inner-child work.
  • Workshop 8 – Releasing the traumas occurred during birth and prenatal (embryonic period).
  • Workshop 9 – Releasing the traumas occurred during conception. Unborn children.
  • Workshop 10 – Practice, recapitulation and examination in order to pass to the 2’nd year.

2’nd year
[starting with this year the students will start doing sessions onto one another and receive supervision after doing the session]

  • Workshop 1 – Working with chronic and recurrent trauma (Hangovers).
  • Workshop 2 – Working with fixed programs and cognitive distortions (Postulates).
  • Workshop 3 – Integration in Regression Therapy.
  • Workshop 4 – Practice and integration of the last 3 workshops.
  • Workshop 5 – Workshop with a foreign trainer and/or summer camp (4 days)
    • Homing (alienation, not feeling at home);
    • Remote Session (working with the client for somebody else’s benefit);
    • Spiritual session. Life Between Lives.
  • Workshop 6 – Releasing Family Karma. The ‘Holographic Room’ technique.
  • Workshop 7 – Working with polarities. Light past lives (resourceful past lives). Dark past lives (integration of the shadow).
  • Workshop 8 – The first life on Earth. Extraterrestrial past lives. Future lives (progression).
  • Workshop 9 – healing the Primordial Trauma. Reconnecting with the Source and your Divine Self. Higher Self intervention.
  • Workshop 10 – Practice, recapitulation and examination in order to pass to the 3’nd year.

3’rd year

  • Workshop 1 – Supervision and group practice.
  • Workshop 2 – Supervision and group practice.
  • Workshop 3 – Workshop with a foreign trainer (advanced training) and/or summer camp (4 days).
  • Workshop 4 – Supervision and group practice.
  • Workshop 5 – Supervision and group practice.
  • Workshop 6 – Final evaluation.

The group supervision workshops will be once at two months. On demand, they will be organized more often. These will be combined with individual supervision and also the personal therapy can be continued if needed.

General Bibliography:

  • Carolus, M., Evadio manual.
  • Chirea, V. (2014), Soul Fragmentation. Consequences and the Reintegration of Lost Parts, Gestalt Books Publishing, Bucharest.
  • Komianos, A. N. (2011), Rapid Entity Attachment Release (REAR), Publisher: Hypnoscopesis.
  • TenDam, H. (1996), Deep Healing. A Practical Outline of Past-Life Therapy, Tasso Publishing, Amsterdam.
  • TenDam, H. (2014), Deep Healing and transformation. A Manual of Transpersonal Regression Therapy, Tasso Publishing, Utrecht.
  • TenDam, H. (2003), Exploring Reincarnation, Rider Books, Ebury Press, Random House, London.

Apart from these books the students will receive handouts and other useful materials.

The first group has started in March 2016. Since then there is a new group starting every 2 years during spring.

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