In present I offer individual psychotherapy sessions (under supervision) using Gestalt Therapy method. More about Gestalt Therapy you can find here – for now a google-translate link on my site.

I also facilitate Regression Therapy sessions (using Past Life Therapy method) for resolving deeper traumas. I am accredited by Earth Association for Regression Therapy, holding the degree of Certified Regression Therapist (CRT), for the moment the highest specialization that can be obtained during formation. More about this method you can read on my website – google-translate link.

Lately I was accredited as Certified Practitioner in Timeline Healing Technique, method developed by Sal Rachele. More about this method you can read here – google-translate link on my website.

My cabinet is situated in Bucharest (near Mall Vitan) and it’s easy accessible by car, bus or subway transportation.

If you are living in other country than Romania, then there is the possibility of communicating using Skype. After a first discussion (interview) we can decide if this kind of interface is a good choice for therapy or only face-to-face meetings. Also another case is to combine the two of them (mostly in the case of regression therapy that needs more time for integration), meaning that the proper session is done in direct contact, sustained by follow-up meetings via skype to help integrating, understand or do other little adjustments.

For questions, details or if you want to book a session please contact me at:

(in case I can’t answer to the phone please send me a message and I’ll contact you as soon as I’m available)

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